Our specialist outreach team

A collaborative, solution focus approach, using the skills knowledge, expertise and experience of the STLS team together with that of The Beacon staff and our mainstream colleagues and partners is fundamental to our support and advisory role.

We feel that both pupil and parent voice and participation is vital to ensuring successful outcomes for all parties, and are central to our work at all stages.

We are very excited with the prospect of developing even closer working relationships and easier access to information and advice.

Our work in supporting settings, schools, pupils and parents in the Folkestone and Hythe community will benefit not only from this collaboration but also by being able to call on the expertise within the Beacon teaching and learning staff. Mainstream staff can visit and observe outstanding practice in our classrooms and staff will share resources and advice with our mainstream colleagues.

This joint working will also benefit our pupils as our staff will be able to visit our neighbouring schools to see how they work and also to look at opportunities for some of our pupils/classes to work with mainstream peers.

Our team

Russell Ames

Russell Ames District Inclusion Co-Ordinator, Assistant Headteacher, The Beacon

Becky Rose Specialist Teacher, Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Claire Garrett Specialist Teacher, Communication and Interaction, Leader of Learning Zone 4

Stephanie Mellor STLS Administrator, SMILE Training Coordinator

Alyson Geary Specialist Intervention Worker

Amber Mallet Early Years Specialist Teacher

Andy Young Specialist Teacher, Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Julie Pout

Julie Pout Specialist Teacher, Cognition and Learning

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis Early Years Specialist Teacher

Morag Hards

Morag Hards Specialist Teacher, Communication and Interaction

Annette Sibbons Specialist Intervention Worker, Local Makaton Tutor

The Beacon will also be a training centre and will offer a comprehensive training programme for mainstream staff, parents and other agencies and we can also tap into the expertise within the STLS to work with The Beacon staff on training and advice. Working with parents is important to us and we will be working with the schools multi agency team to offer a training programme for The Beacon parents. Alongside this we will be running monthly Drop in / resource making sessions for all parents and professionals. The Early Bird plus and Cygnet training programme will run throughout the year offering training and support for parents of children with Autism and be delivered by the team, SALT and Early Help colleagues.

Members of the county sensory and physical disabilities team will also working out of The Beacon. These specialist staff work with children and young people from 0-18 years old, but particularly from pre-school age onwards.

In this way we can all work with settings and schools, as well as relevant health professionals in supporting the highest possible levels of inclusive education.